Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Supermodels Enter Rehab

I would like to dedicate a post to one of my favourite editorials of all times Supermodels Enter Rehab.
Published on Vogue Italia July 2007 it was (obviously) photographed by Steven Meisel, styled by Karl Templer and with a bunch of hip models at the time (who will be identified in the photos).
Supermodels Enter Rehab is a very complex editorial that creates a plot where supermodels go to a mental institution (or Rehab) and are seen in meetings, baths, dorms and chilling on the living room and the clinics backyard.

While I was looking through the editorial and searching for the references to work on it, I saw myself mesmerised with the quantity of backwork this editorial got from the back team. The celebrity phenomenon was worked very much by Meisel at the mid decade, and in SER there are a lot of photos influenced by that like the ones where models are on car with spreaded legs and no underwear. We lived in 2007, a very interesting year where tabloids about celebrities as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were spreaded everywhere. The latest is the one of the most present ones through the editorial.
Britney sofered her very famous breakdown in 2007, between fighting with paparazzi and going to mad parties The year was marked with the very famous head shave, that is referenced on the editorial.

photo imitates reality?

The second part of the editorial, past on a mental institution, was inspired by the film Girl, Interrupted (1999), one of my favourite films of all times, and while I rewatched it a few weeks ago (which encouraged me to write this post), I couldnt contain myself by having total flash backs of the editorial through parts of the film. By the girls being taken away by nurses to the chair game on the hallway, its a delight to see a photographer to take inspiration in a movie and instead of making a balant copy, taking it to the next level by mixing it with the society and making a social criticism.

taking fashion photography to the next level

the sence of detail when the clothes are still the focus

Steven Meisel may be a fashion photographer, and in my opinion that is just what he is. While many people try to concider his work as art, I see it as true fashion photography because whatever and how complex is the theme, the focus will always be the clothes, and that is why Steven Meisel is a fashion photography living legend.

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