Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fall 2013: Derek Lam

I pretty  much choose the shows I want to review by hoe exiting and popular they are. Derek Lam was far from my list of shows to review this season, but I couldnt resist to such a well made clothes.
Lam has always been a very underrated designer, problably because he is not as cool as Altuzarra, doesnt have Anna Wintour support like Jason Wu or doesnt have a massive show like Alexander Wang; but Derek Lam has something in his favour, a really well done colection that stays out of pretentious molds and focus on real beautiful pieces of clothes like those amazing sublin geometric prints on shirts, the incredibly cut jackets and capes and the skirts witht he perfect lenght.
The only down fall of this colection was being quite safe, but that is no big surprise since I wasnt expecting any kind of risky take.


Those trousers are glorious.

The cape over the shirt is a very beautiful idea or porpotions.

Im here for the shirt. Beautiful geometric print over fur...its great!


I dont like anything about this dress. It just seems very over the top and nothing special on the same time.

A very badic dress. Its not bad, its just not enough.

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