Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fall 2013: Gucci

I know it took time but I am back and ready to review Milan and Paris (thanks god the broingness is over).
Milan starts with Gucci, one of the most famous brands ever known for having a G shaved vagina (that was under Tom Ford sorry) and a lot of trashy celebrites (by the way who is exited for the Oscars?). Anyway, I am not a big Gucci fan, I know it combanes classiness and glamour with a lot of sex appeal (and a lot of Natasha Poly) but there is something about the brand that seems quite safe. I think Frida Giannini is making an amazing job building one of the most interesting brands on the world but they just play it too safe for my taste.
This season was very much about tailoring (something that Frida does really well for fall) mixing oriental inspirations in a almost Hitchockish mood. It was all very dark and misterious - something that I love in every colection - and when we got to the last looks after the Matrix ambition I saw myself in a moody oriental garden with Black Swans and dark roses (which could have been way better executed).

The Best:

This is very well made! I cant point any flaw...

Great construction, great color.

This is how you do a Matrix look.

This is a great cocktail dress. Not the first time I´ve seen it but it´s very good.

The Worst:

Frida you are not Sarah Burton ok?

This is all sorts of wrong.

A walking Christmas Tree (I missed this kind of looks)

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