Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fall 2013: Jason Wu

Jason Wu is known for the conservative sweet and bubbly style that fits girls in their 20s and goes through any middle age crisis. But in a way I think that is really nice, judges that he shows in New York that right now is full of trendy designers which colections goes out of fashion one season after.
But in this particular case Wu seemsed very vague about his coelction, it looked like a continuation from last season with the black and white charm ,but honestly, it was a very predictable (more than ususal) he did everything he has ever done and used the same materials he always does. I honestly think he thought that he was being original by adding fur to the trench coats but that is a very burned down idea. He was also doing something with the feminine/masculine and militar but he has also done that already.
Oh was a very nice runway!


The top is amazing. The only thing that surprised me in 43 looks.

Its a very nice dress. Nothing special but I like the leather upper part.

I just love gowns with pants, it gives a very sofisticated but still casual look.


This adds nothing to the colection. Very weak.

How many times have we seen this coming from Jason Wu?

I didnt like this look, its too fuzzy and has too many details (ugly ones)

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