Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anna Scura Brazil

The newest issue of Vogue Brazil is an open door to the crazy world of Anna Dello Rosso in brazilina lands with the the predictable look of her *almost* personal photographer Giampaolo Scura.
The result is a true fashion mess where the "more is more" standart of Anna shines through the Brazilian landscapes. I honestly dont think that is a bad thing because I think her style is very close to what Brazilian culture could represent and their icons. There are some really stunning photos through out the issue but I have to say my big (huge problem is the photography.
I used to like Giampaolo Scura alot when he started working with Anna but now that he is truly famous I think his work has become mediocre. Right now his photography is always over photoshoped (not in the good term like Mert & Marcus) and lifeless.
From the covers we´ve got a glowy Mirte Maas, a beautiful Bette Franke, a sexy Izabel Goulart and finally a very photoshoped Magdalena Frackowiak (that looks more like Anna Selezneva than herself).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sag Awards

As I said before this is not a celebrity blog and I dont think about posting celebrity related posts, but since we are at the awards season I just like to review who is doing good, bad and who has the most predictabel stylist on heart and the Sag Awards were VERY boring (Tilda where are you!!).

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior: The best of the night (what is saying something).  A very beautiful  aproach to the classic red carpet dress that I aprove.

Kerry Washington in Rodarte: This girl is the surprise of the season. I just love when actresses dont go on the obvious Oscar De La Renta or Chanel. From the Golden Globe triumph in Miu Miu to tis beautiful white Rodarte she knows how to take risks and thats enough to be on my list!

Rose Byrne in Valentino: Its a very safe dress but with sucha few options this is a very solid look plus she looks great on the dress even through I would make the hair a little more lose. Still great look!


Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior: Here is my problem with this dress. I knwo Jennifer has a contract with Dior and so she has to wear Dior in basicly every red carpet but this dress is just not for her. Shes just not a Dior girl, and while the red couture dress she wore at the Golden Globes looked great on her, in this one you can feel how uncomfortable she feels and while Marion looks great on any Dior dress, Jennifer is more a cool NY girl, not a chic parisienne lady.

Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli: In this case I just dont get it. Anne is year after year one of the most interesting celebrities to see on the red carpet. Such a modern Audrey Hepburn girl, but this season (her golden season that she is winning every award there is) she is making the most safe and boring choices.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen: I didnt want to put my beautiful crush on this list but after that amazing CK moment at the Golden Globes, this is (again) very predictable. I cant see anything special about this dress and the look in general, even her hair that is usually very interesting looks dead in here. Lets pray for something more exiting on the Oscars.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Miu Miu

Miu Miu is by far my favoruite brand in the whole world. Even through Prada comes really close, there is something incredible playful about the youngest sister which has a more quirky aproach to fashion.
When I found that Miu Miu was opening in Portugal (my country) I was beyond happy. Prada Womenswear and Menswear has been in the country for over 2 years and the adition of the parisienne version of the brand was planed a long time, but required a more severe analyses that Prada.
Thanks to the good results of Prada Lisbon, it was decided that it was time to open Miu Miu, a few meters away from Prada on Avenida da Liberdade. Architect Roberto Baciocchi took care of the project (as he did  with Prada and pretty much every Miuccia project) and the result is the playful spirit of the brand in a very glamorous and sofisticated atmosfere mixed with a more colorful and sharp attitude than the last one.

Miu Miu SS 2013: One of my favourite looks from the colection

Why I love Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is featued on this months Vogue US, The American issue, even through its a pretty random choice (I know she is American, but still!) every oportunity is a good oportunity to put Anna Wintour fvourites on the cover.
Rooney just speaks to me, after her multi nominee performance as one of the most exiting female characters of literature (and now cinema), Lisbeth Salander, which Rooney fits perfectly to the point where you dont even think you are watching a film because Lisbeth looks so real, just like in the book. Rooney Mara is now preparing for a really exiting year, pretty cloe we´ve got Side Effects and later the untitled project by Terrence Malick which features every good actor that you can remeber (unfortunately Meryl is not there).
Other than that what I love about Mara is her shyness, the way she thinks about what shes about to say moments before she actualy speaks and the seductive and awkward way she starrs at the paparazzi like a cat watching flashes by the night. There is something so easy, dark and sad about her that was obvious that Tisci would recrit her into the Tisci tribe. Her Givenchy looks have been outstanding like the white fairy at the Oscars and the black swan at the MET (with Riccardo himself).
Her first Vogue US cover (November 2011) was outstanding -Im so happy I´ve go the issue!- Mert & Marcus made a more glamorous Froken Salander with misterious setting and colors and a pretty intense cover. This February Rooney strikes in a more ´herself`` cover, shot by David Sims and with Tone Goodman on the fashion department there are really beautiful shots that may come across as boing but ultimately shows Rooney true colors.
I dont really care about celebritie (well, some) but Rooney just speaks to me.

What is Haute

Last Golden Globes Jennifer Lawrence was wearing a beautiful red Christian Dior dress from the first Raf
Simons colection for the maison. While she was at the red carpet being interviewed, the interviewer asked what she was wearing in which she responded that it was Christian Dior Haute Couture "I dont know what that mean but I was told to say that" what seemed kind of strange since she has a Dior contract and she actualy attended to the show, in other words, that quote looked more like a way to say that I dont care about fashion, which is not bad even through it looks way too forced.
The dicussion pops every single haute couture season. "Is Haute Couture dead?", the clientele is a very small numbers and celebrities just wear the dresses on the on the red carpet because a) their stylists make them wear it or b) they have a contract with a maison (ala Jennifer Lawrence).
This season, like any other, we have got some strongest and weakest links. As we see gardens and jungles as backdrop we also discover something even through Haute Couture is not dead, the dreams who were in time created have died (WOW this was very Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables).  
I made a list with my favourite look from the colections I liked and my favourite look from the ones I didnt.


Christian Dior: My favourite colection. Raf proved he can make couture and he can make Dior. This dress was by far the standout, incredibly simple but full of details.

Valentino: Yes it was a little repetitive as it is every season but there is something about this colection that is just magnificient. This white dress on Julia Nobis is literally perfect. She looks like she is floating.

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal:  MMM is a very peculiar brand and even without the creator who gives the name in the house they can still produce great work. What I love about couture is not a dress with 100 details but something that makes me intrigued

Versace Atlier: I think this doesnt need any following explanations

Chanel: Chanel keeps making huge sets and in every colection they forget about the clothes which are always hideous. This is a simple example of a look Karl keeps doing and hasnt understood that it is very bad.

Jean Paul Gaultier: Its usually the show that Im most exited but it felt like it was randomly put together.  The colection was influenced by Indian culture and so the random 80´s idea made zero sence, its like he has to put Madonna in every colection. This was a no.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


LOVE magazine released this week their ninth issue called ´Waifs and Strays`, a self acknowledged Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell overload on editorial and a very wet Kate Moss on the cover.
As if Kate Moss on a bathtub isnt enough, we´ve got thons of amazing editorial work (as in every issue) but this time we have three standouts.
Kate Moss shot by Tim Walker and by the name ´Kate` is the most remarkable editorial. Tim Walker can do no wrong and when you think he is starting to run out of ideas, he brings a totally new dimention to fashion photography and his colaborations with Katie Grand always end up astonishing (as my favourite editorial ever, by the dynamic duo "The Origen of Monsters").
The other remarkable features are ´Girlish`(the editorial which named my blog)  and´Boyish`. Those two show a very different kind of environment. The latest stars Saskia de Brawn on ´Boyish`, where Katies fixation to give Saskia a different hair color on her already famous hair cut mixed with the almost erotic and awkward expressions of the Queen de Brawn. In the result, the mix between colorful studio pictures, black& white androgyny and a lot of power coming from Mert & Marcus (in my opinion this is the kind of photoshoot they do their best).
Overall another great issue from the magazine, right now there is no magazine who can surprise as LOVE can (in adition of having the coolest name ever).