Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fall 2013: Alexander Wang

"I feel like a woman from mars, obviously, Im like, taking over the world"
-Lindsey Wixson

This quote was all that came to my mind when Alexander Wangs army walked through the Cunard Building in New York in a monumental show held under a Renaissance Revival ceiling which contradicted with the pos-apocalyptic scenario. As we saw Aila Wang at the front row we knew that this show would be surround ed by fuzzy sweaters and fur skirts (and I was not wrong!).
Twisted and turned jackets, wool head protector and a lot of fur to protect kick ass girls from the polluted clime. The cast, amazing as always, it was pretty much everything in check and this show established Alexander Wang as the new number one show at NY fashion week (sorry Marc). 
Even through the influences seemed too obvious, mainly by Rick Owen but also some Balenciaga details (not the first or the second time). As the show started Wang presented beautifully executed jackets with no waits almost ignoroing the women figure - or changing it - and the show involved into a beautiful presention of fur that went through the whole show to some looks where you couldnt even say if it was the grey fur or a very beautiful wool used in many looks. Alex´s take on nighwear got me really exited, Im not even sure if that was nightwear but there was something going on looks 27 to 29 that surpised me a lot, where sequins sewn on wool combined with baggy pants, could easily be altered for a cocktail dress in which a risky celebrity could use at a premier.
In this colection there was something for everybody, for the last look Malgosia Bela walked in, what I call, futuristic version of Jennifer Lopez circa 2004. This colection was a success and isnt it adorable to see Alexander Wang running a marathon in his runway like a 13 years ond kid?


Look at the jacket construction. The materials and colors are subtle but beautiful...
Those holes on the shirt are actualy shear. Call it detail...

Wang´s take on nightwear. Im obcessed with the seater.

The whole styling is impressive. Only Karl Templer to take Alexander Wangs work to the next level.


This is the only look I dont like. The porpotions are bad, shoul have been cut from the colection.

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