Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fall 2013: BCBG Max Azria

BCBG is known for the easy New York minimalish style but in this season (unlike previous ones) we saw I slight transformation from the brand going into a darker mod even through they stayed with the same feeling and attitude. The brand who is famous to kick fashion week and show a fresh model cast.
The show started in a very seductive note, a very urban look who would mostly be used in those kind of movies where the hero takes the lady out of party and they see themselves between car chases and shootings , and so she needs a big plushy coat to cover her damaged (but still pretty) face.
That pretty much sumed the colection and even through you may have a completely different vision of it, I always like to go the the cinematographic side to show point of view. The colection evoluted into something lighter but always with a very grunge aestetique that kept going even in the most fairy and all white looks by the end of the show. I may add the laser cut leather pieces (paired with the beautiful All American leather jackets) which featured on the last 2/3 fashion weeks and seems like its always featured in more than one show.
Those are my favourite and less favourite looks from the show:

I find this leather jacket the most interesting piece from the show. There is something so cool about it and mixed with  the white dress adds a very street feeling which I like.

Very beautiful dress. My favourite from the white section!

This skirt gives me life. Its just a very usual BCBG piece and its really interesting.


Its not too bad but its very messy. I guess this is the point of BCBG but this was not a good execution.

Too much lea3ther and too much leather techniques. It just doesnt work.

I cant believe this was the last look! Its pretty awful, the worst of the colection actualy,  I cant believe this even made  in the cut.

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