Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why I love Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara is featued on this months Vogue US, The American issue, even through its a pretty random choice (I know she is American, but still!) every oportunity is a good oportunity to put Anna Wintour fvourites on the cover.
Rooney just speaks to me, after her multi nominee performance as one of the most exiting female characters of literature (and now cinema), Lisbeth Salander, which Rooney fits perfectly to the point where you dont even think you are watching a film because Lisbeth looks so real, just like in the book. Rooney Mara is now preparing for a really exiting year, pretty cloe we´ve got Side Effects and later the untitled project by Terrence Malick which features every good actor that you can remeber (unfortunately Meryl is not there).
Other than that what I love about Mara is her shyness, the way she thinks about what shes about to say moments before she actualy speaks and the seductive and awkward way she starrs at the paparazzi like a cat watching flashes by the night. There is something so easy, dark and sad about her that was obvious that Tisci would recrit her into the Tisci tribe. Her Givenchy looks have been outstanding like the white fairy at the Oscars and the black swan at the MET (with Riccardo himself).
Her first Vogue US cover (November 2011) was outstanding -Im so happy I´ve go the issue!- Mert & Marcus made a more glamorous Froken Salander with misterious setting and colors and a pretty intense cover. This February Rooney strikes in a more ´herself`` cover, shot by David Sims and with Tone Goodman on the fashion department there are really beautiful shots that may come across as boing but ultimately shows Rooney true colors.
I dont really care about celebritie (well, some) but Rooney just speaks to me.

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