Saturday, January 26, 2013


LOVE magazine released this week their ninth issue called ´Waifs and Strays`, a self acknowledged Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell overload on editorial and a very wet Kate Moss on the cover.
As if Kate Moss on a bathtub isnt enough, we´ve got thons of amazing editorial work (as in every issue) but this time we have three standouts.
Kate Moss shot by Tim Walker and by the name ´Kate` is the most remarkable editorial. Tim Walker can do no wrong and when you think he is starting to run out of ideas, he brings a totally new dimention to fashion photography and his colaborations with Katie Grand always end up astonishing (as my favourite editorial ever, by the dynamic duo "The Origen of Monsters").
The other remarkable features are ´Girlish`(the editorial which named my blog)  and´Boyish`. Those two show a very different kind of environment. The latest stars Saskia de Brawn on ´Boyish`, where Katies fixation to give Saskia a different hair color on her already famous hair cut mixed with the almost erotic and awkward expressions of the Queen de Brawn. In the result, the mix between colorful studio pictures, black& white androgyny and a lot of power coming from Mert & Marcus (in my opinion this is the kind of photoshoot they do their best).
Overall another great issue from the magazine, right now there is no magazine who can surprise as LOVE can (in adition of having the coolest name ever).

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